Project Description

10,000 GPM Acid Mine Drainage treatment plant that includes two 210 ft. diameter clarifiers, two reactor tanks (30 ft. diameter) and treatment building. Installation of ground water interceptor trenches, the concrete foundations and steel fabrication and installation of clarifier and reactor tanks. The project includes two 800 HP mine dewater pumps that are installed 664 ft. deep. Process includes two 120-ton pebble lime silos, slakers, center well pumps, process and gland water pumps, grit conveyor and grit banker. Project includes the electrical and MCC Controls for plant.

  • Install 266 H-piles and pouring 6,560 cubic yards of concrete for the foundation for 2- 210 ft. diameter thickener tanks
  • Install steel walls of thickener tanks, installing the thickener drive units, sludge pumps, and supporting catwalks/piping.
  • Construct 2 -35 ft. diameter tanks reactor tanks and installing mixers
  • Construction of a 525 ft. long concrete retaining wall
  • Construct the treatment plant building that housed 2- 120-ton silos, Motor Control Center, Lime Slakers, sludge transfer pumps, grit bunkers, gland water pumps and process water pumps and associated flow measuring devices and connecting pipes.
  • Installation of caissons, steel platform for the installation of 2 -800 HP Mine Dewatering Pumps.
  • Installing the 36-inch discharge piping and outlet structures
  • Installing a Motor Control Center for the Mine Dewatering Pumps
  • Proving the electrical and integrated control system for the plant

Project Details

  • Contract Value: $12.5 million

  • Location: St. Michael, Pa, Cambria County

  • Capabilities Highlighted:
    -Drilled-Driven Foundations-Shoring and Piling Solutions