Project Description

Project extends 1.23 miles through the City of Shamokin, PA.  Consists of 91 repair sites in 18 project areas as a result of damages to the retaining wall and riprap paving created from Topical Storm Lee flooding.  Work includes dewatering and waterway diversion, temporary shoring, dismantling stone walls and beds, earthwork activities, dry stone restoration of the retaining wall, riprap paving, and the construction of retaining wall systems using gabions and pre-cast concrete redi-rock blocks.

  • 10,490 CF Wall Washout Repair
  • 855 SF Roadway Damage Repair
  • 2,845 CF Top Wall Damage Repair
  • 21,960 CF Wall Damage Repair
  • 292 CY R-8 Stone Placement
  • 27,077 CF Rip-Rap Paving

Project Details

  • Contract Value: $5.6 million

  • Location: Northumberland Co., PA

  • Capabilities Highlighted:
    -Reservoirs/Dams/Flood Control