Project Description

Install Reinforced Concrete Jacking Pit for a One Track In-Floor Jacking System with construction of insulated enclosure for hydraulic power unit.

  • Excavate and install sheet pile shoring system
  • Drive fourteen HP 12 x 53 Steel Bearing Piles
  • Install anchor rod eyes, sump pit and suction piping, compressed air piping, steel cover plates and access hatch, and ladder
  • Furnish and install two 10,000 lb. capacity jib cranes with chain hoists
  • Furnish and install all electrical service devices including electrical conduits, wiring, distribution panels, breakers, disconnect switches, transformer, receptacles, junction boxes, lights, and connection to existing power source
  • Furnish and install 9’ x 14’ Insulated Enclosure for Hydraulic power Unit
  • Relocate Existing Sheds
  • Furnish and install Canopy Siding

Project Details

  • Contract Value: $796,500

  • Location: Altoona, Pa

  • Capabilities Highlighted: