Project Description

This project is for the superstructure replacement and substructure rehabilitation of an existing bridge carrying 5th Avenue over Mill Run in Blair County. The existing bridge is comprised of single span prestressed concrete adjacent box beams, reinforced concrete slab, and reinforced concrete t-beams on stone masonry substructure units. The existing superstructure will be replaced and extend in the upstream direction to a suitable tie in point to the existing superstructure to remain. Repairs will be performed to the existing substructure. The proposed superstructure is comprised of a single span prestressed concrete spread box beams and a two-span precast concrete slabs. The existing two span concrete t-beam section that is being tied into will receive a concrete deck overlay. Minor roadway approach work, drainage, guide rail and other miscellaneous construction are also included in this project.

  • 325 CY Class III Excavation
  • 200 CY Class A, AA, & AAAP Concrete
  • 20,000 LB Reinforcement Bars
  • 185 Feet of Pressure Mortar Pointing
  • 5 Prestressed Concrete Box Beams, 34′ in length
  • Tie into existing concrete t-beams and stone masonry structure
  • Streambed paving, utility support/relocation, and other misc. construction

Project Details

  • Contract Value: $1,151,000

  • Location: Altoona, PA

  • Capabilities Highlighted:
    -Heavy Civil/Highway