Project Description

Construction of 100’ wide concrete platform built up with R-4 rip-rap and construction of concrete guide walls and tanks for construction of concrete cut-off wall 2,000’ in length and up to 250’ in depth. Construction of clean fill storage ponds and handling and disposal of trench spoils and slurry. Permanent road construction on dam crest.

  • Importation of 300,000 CY of R-4 rock
  • 6,700 CY of concrete for guide walls and platform
  • 170,000 LBS. Reinforcement Bars
  • Disposal of 100,000 yards of cut-off wall trench spoils
  • 35,000 CY of R-6 rock

Project Details

  • Contract Value: $27.4 million

  • Location: Wilcox, Pa Elk County

  • Capabilities Highlighted:
    -Reservoirs/Dams/Flood Control
    -Heavy Civil/Highway
    -Earthwork/Site Development