Project Description

Construction of temporary roadway, turning lanes, widening, and roadway realignment, drainage, pavement base drain, guide rail and permanent traffic signals. The project also includes the removal of the existing Reinforced Concrete T-Beam bridge over Slab Cabin Run and construction of its replacement Single Span Prestressed Spread Box Beam bridge and miscellaneous construction for a total construction length of approximately 2,860 feet

  • 21,500 CY of Class I Excavation
  • 2,750 CY of Class III Excavation
  • 86 Each 10 x 57 Steel H-Pile Driven – 2,485 LF
  • 5 Each 48″ x 17″ Composite Prestressed Concrete Spread Box Beams 40′
  • 390 CY of Class A Concrete for Bridge Structure
  • 51,000 Lbs. of Reinforcement Bars
  • 880 LF 18″ Reinforced Concrete Pipe
  • 6,115 SY Concrete Roadway Pavement

Project Details

  • Contract Value: $4,984,000

  • Location: Ferguson Township,

    Centre Co., PA

  • Capabilities Highlighted:
    -Heavy Civil/Highway
    -Drilled/Driven Foundations-Shoring/Piling Solutions