Saint Michaels Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Plant


The Saint Michaels Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Plant project consisted of constructing a treatment plant to treat 10,000 gallons per minute of acid mine water. Some of the major work components are:

  • installing 266 H-piles and pouring 6,560 cubic yards of concrete for the foundation for 2- 210 ft. diameter thickener tanks
  • Installing steel walls of thickener tanks, installing the thickener drive units, sludge pumps, and supporting catwalks/piping.
  • Constructing 2 -35 ft. diameter tanks reactor tanks and installing mixers
  • Construction of a 525 ft. long concrete retaining wall
  • Constructing the treatment plant building that housed 2- 120 ton silos, Motor Control Center, Lime Slakers, sludge transfer pumps, grit bunkers, gland water pumps and process water pumps and associated flow measuring devices and connecting pipes.
  • Installation of caissons, steel platform for the installation of 2 -800 HP Mine Dewatering Pumps.
  • Installing the 36 inch discharge piping and outlet structures
  • Installing a Motor Control Center for the Mine Dewatering Pumps
  • Proving the electrical and integrated control system for the plant

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