Westinghouse Electric Company Nuclear Fuel 25LC Pilger Foundations

Contract Amount $1,277,807

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Westinghouse Electric Co. Nuclear Fuel 25LC Pilger Foundations - The Project required construction of massive, below-grade concrete foundations for two new Pilger machines, which are used to fabricate zirconium tubes for nuclear fuel rods. The critical factors were safety, construction quality control, cost control and schedule performance.

The Project involved the following work scope:

  1. Installation of 600 CY of complex reinforced concrete foundations with construction tolerances of 1/8” over 10 ft.
  2. Construction of a 20’ x 35’ x 15’ deep reinforced concrete equipment pit which had to be water tight while the surrounding water table was 8 ft. below finished grade.
  3. Completion of the foundations by the end of March 2009 in time for delivery and installation of the Pilger equipment.

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