Flight 93 Memorial

Contract Amount: $9,902,085

The Flight 93 Memorial governed by The National Park Service (NPS) was created in memory of those who prevented the terrorist attacks on the United States Capital in Washington D.C. on September 11, 2001. Located near Shanksville, PA, the 2,200 acre boundary acquired by the NPS led the way for the 400 acre bowl shaped development area where the permanent memorials were designed and constructed.

Paul Murdoch Architects of Los Angeles won the design competition and when the time came to create the walls, Charles J. Merlo Inc. stepped up to the plate. The initial plans and specifications which put the design onto paper looked appealing to Merlo but the actual construction created quite a challenge. The average height of the wall was 45 feet and in some areas, crested as high as 55 feet from the ground. This is where Merlo’s Terex 110 ton crane came into play, along with proper planning from the whole Merlo staff. At the height of operations, more than 80 employees staffed the once empty field, creating the permanent monument. Many different operations were taking place including the walking trail, pedestrian bridge, return road, and visitor’s center and with a project duration of nearly a year, Merlo unmistakably left its mark on Shanksville, PA.

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