South Branch Blacklick Creek Ecosystem Restoration Webster Mine Discharge Nanty Glo, Pennsylvania

Contract Amount $3,947,998

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: South Branch Blacklick Creek Ecosystem Restoration, Webster Mine Discharge, Nanty-Glo, PA The Project involved construction of 10 acre passive treatment system for treating the acid mine discharge from the Webster Mine, which was abandoned in the 1940’s. The discharge from Webster was an average of 450 GPM of mine water with a pH of 2 and highly contaminating metals pollution. The Project’s designers estimated the untreated mine water severely degraded 50 miles of downstream waterways.

The Project involved the following construction work scope:

  1. Construction of two 4-acre passive vertical flow, clay-lined treatment ponds to increase the alkalinity of the mine discharge water to a pH of 7.
  2. Construction of a 2.3 acre aerobic wetland to oxidize and precipitate the metals.
  3. Interception of the underground mine discharge flow and piping it underground under PA Route 271 to the vertical flow treatment ponds.
  4. Excavation of 107,000 CY of 48,000 CY of unsuitable material, installation of 17,000 CY of clay liner and installation of 40,000 ton of high-calcium carbonate limestone and 19,000 CY of mushroom compost.

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