Charles J. Merlo, Sr. and Charles J. Merlo, Jr.

Charles J. Merlo, Sr. (left) and Charles J. Merlo, Jr.

About Us

It was in 1933 when Charles J. Merlo, Sr. founded the company which was created to serve the transportation needs of the Western Pennsylvania coal mining industry. His personal drive and strong work ethic provided the force necessary to transform the beginnings into a viable business enterprise. Through the 1970’s, his leadership and dedication to performance established the standard by which we conduct business today.

Charles J. Merlo, Jr. joined the organization in 1975, after fifteen years experience in engineering, finance and contracts in the aerospace industry at Rockwell International. He earned a Bachelor of Science in engineering at the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Science in business from Carnegie Mellon University. The background provided the basis for continued growth and diversification of the company. With more than one-hundred employees and hundreds of public and private clients in the Mid-Atlantic States, the tradition of performance continues.

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